Misheck Zvirahwa,

 Harambee Youth employment Accelerator

The content was  overflowing and not rushed despite the time constraints since she had a few hours, I am confident that me and my colleagues walked away with so much goodies to take away and use. I felt well equipped by the end of the workshop to confidently drive for the skills needed by the candidates to communicate effectively in different situations be it when doing presentations or when preparing for their interviews. The workshop emphasized how I as the facilitator and manager in the room need to always be a good role model in this regard and she generously shared her secrets of how when we are drained can get away from it all and relaxing techniques that would revitalize an individual. 


Thank you as well for making it happen, much appreciated.

Kate Skinstad,

Ernst & Young Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd

I’ve worked with Caryn on multiple client engagements in my role as project manager at EY. She has facilitated a range of workshops with very varied groups from blue collar mine workers to senior executives.


Every workshop I’ve witnessed has had incredible impact and the clients have been delighted. The change in the participants engagement levels from the start of the workshop to the end are truly amazing!



Amira Bloch, 

Teacher at KDL

Been using a lot of the things you gave me. The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEEEE the grand old duke. They beg me to do it

All the time. Today I did it with the whole grade☺☺ it was awesome!

Thanks again for a great course!


Carol-lesley Brown 

 CEO for Corporate Scenes South Africa

Caryn Katz has been a trainer and head facilitator since 2002 with our company.

She has worked extensively in the field of communications, voice, presentation, training and coaching both in South Africa and at Berkeley California.

Caryn has worked with many clients such as  Avis, Transnet, and The Kelly Group and many others.

She brings a wealth of experience, she is energetic, warm reliable, and hard working. In the realm of voice and presentation skills she is wonderful and we can recommend her professionalism and ethics very highly.

Caryn is an asset to our company. We depend on her.

Yours sincerely,

Adele Croucamp,


This was one of those workshops where, even days after you cant stop thinking about the skills you've learned and the things you realised about yourself.

Tanya Jacobs,


Thank you once again for your help, it really has made such a huge difference, not only for the presentation but to my life in general. Helping me to feel more confident and competent!

Kind regards 

Adwoa Agyei,

UJ Graduate School of Architecture


Where do we start – The first session was amazing and I was so looking forward to round two, I had a conference on the same day,

I left early in order to make it for Caryn’s session, walked in and was, once again, immediately swept away by her energy, although I was late I was made to feel welcome and as if I wasn’t disrupting the session.


What energy, what style so diverse, who would think that someone could take a workshop on a subject like this which is generally pretty stayed and boring and just make it so invigorating.


All I can say is this is the best workshop I have ever done, and one second thoughts probably not only at Ort but anywhere.


Looking forward to the next workshop but I bet this will have a long hard stretch to fill Caryn’s shoes.

The G-Plus Speaking and Presentation Skills Class was absolutely fantastic! It was a very clear and practical course which brought to light the "how to" of many presentation and general public speaking concepts. It also highlighted common and regularly committed speaking offenses.


This was great because we know the nerves come in, which typically send us on a downward spiralling roller-coaster of babbling (among other things), but we never take the time to (or previously even knew how to) reflect on how this projects to an audience and what we can do to ground ourselves and thus our projections - both oral and physical.

I would definitely recommend this course to other students, actually I think it highly imperative that ALL students take this course to help us say what we need to say about the work that we do better. I feel that even the best speaker would be able to walk away with a useful tip or two... or five.