Confident Communication

Confident Communication teaches the skills of inspirational communication and leadership in order to inspire motivate and reach out to others.

The focus is on development of voice, body, imagination and awareness in order to tell compelling stories. The aim is to unfreeze the EQ person that is within each of us allowing the ‘human touch’ to emerge and be present in our internal and external client interactions. We also study the skills of an actor (energy, voice, body, spontaneity) in order to unleash personal magnetism and charisma.

Presentation Skills


A tailor made workshop that  focuses on the strengths of each candidate as well as key areas of improvement. We cover the basic steps towards a full, clear, responsive and authentic Presentation working from posture alignment to breathe control and articulation.

The group setting allows learning to happen from watching the process unfold for each candidate as well as the feedback session which increases self awareness. All this occurs within a confidential, safe and fun environment.

Feedback is a core component of the workshop as received through the group, video recordings and playback as well as the experienced eye of the trainer.


  • Communicating with Presence – Breathe; Posture; Voice and Body Language

  • Content – Being clear on you objectives; Structure; Engagement

  • Preparation – Overcoming nervousness using a variety of techniques

  • Questions and Answers

  • Storytelling Techniques


Team Building: Creating a Community of Excellence


This is a workshop where the participants spend time getting to know themselves and each other is more meaningful ways. Using the methodology of an actors training we will look and the dynamics of the ensemble and what core traits keep an ensemble functioning on a high level – things like support, common values and working towards a mutual goal.

This is a fun, energetic experience where the participants are themselves the curriculum. It is a practical course, a boot camp for interpersonal skills training working with how to build positive relationships and connect with people. Things like storytelling and dynamic communication become powerful modes for connection.

Costs discussed after consultation with the client.

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